About Us

Tianshi Printing Group contains Manufacturer company and trading company in the field of printing. Hangzhou Tianshi Printing CO.LTD, which was set up in Year 1992, and Tianshi Im-&Export GmbH is in Germany( set up in Year 2006).
We concentrates in all things about fine packaging: Planning, Designing, manufacturing, selling, export& whole process tracing services and after-sale services.
The Products we manufacture include high quality color paper box, Aluminum foil paper box, Plastic box, Plastic drum, corrugated folding box, corrugated Lining, variety of elegant picture album, handbag and an other nun-named individual packaging material.

Product Recommended

1.More than 27 years experience in the field of printing.

2. We understand your needs.

3. We have a wide range of products to choose.

4. We offering high quality products , also competitive price.

5. Reliable after-sale service.

6. We have professional equipment and team.

Hot Product


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  • 24 18/10

    Perfume Box Material

    Perfume carton is a common perfume box, mainly used for low end perfume packaging.

  • 24 18/10

    Perfume Box

    Perfume box, as the name suggests, is the outer packaging of perfume.

  • 24 18/10

    Gift Box Materials

    Gift boxes are divided according to packaging materials: paper products, plastic products, metal, bamboo and wood packaging,

  • 24 18/10

    The Function Of Gift Box

    Because gift boxes are an extension of the social needs of a packaging function.